A fifth season of fieldwork was undertaken at Lochbrow from the 21 – 27 September 2014 by the Lochbrow Landscape Project team. This year, the work focused on the continuation of the geophysical survey initially begun in 2010, the continuation of a programme of sediment coring and experiential survey and the initiation of kite aerial photography. A programme of targeted resistivity was undertaken at the locations of the barrows and timber circle within the northern field in which the cursus has been recorded. This identified the post-pits of the timber circle as well as features within the timber circle and also recorded additional features around the location of the barrows, adding to that recorded in previous years.

The programme of hand auguring continued. After characterising sediments in the North field palaeochannel features in 2013, the focus shifted to investigating the topographic lows referred to as Archwood Lake in the South Field. Two transects at right angles were augered from the dry, ploughed areas on the slopes above the hollow to the boggy area in its centre in order to characterise the sediments preserved within the ‘lake’ and their extent. Stony soils prevented the edges of the lake being identified due to successive failure of auger holes, but over 1 metre of organic-rich sediments overlying glacial sands and gravels were identified in the undisturbed parts of the ‘lake’. Samples of these layers have been taken for prospection of diatoms and pollen for palaeoenvironmental reconstruction.

Experiential survey was also undertaken within the cursus field. This aims to add another dimension to the way in which we understand the sites and landscapes at Lochbrow by recording changing perception across the Lochbrow landscape. Preliminary analysis of the recorded observations suggests that they highlight some interesting relationships, though further work is required to obtain a comprehensive set of observations. Kite aerial photography was undertaken in both the cursus field and the field in which the palisaded enclosures have been recorded with the aim of gaining a quality photographic record of the landscape at and around Lochbrow.