Building on the results of three previous seasons, gradiometer, resistance surveys and a pilot ground penetrating radar survey were undertaken in September 2013 across the locations of the early Neolithic–Bronze Age monument complex and Iron Age settlement enclosures recorded as cropmarks at Lochbrow.

The gradiometry survey was carried out with a Bartington fluxgate gradiometer in grids of 30 x 30m, at a resolution of 0.5 x 0.125m. The previous surveys had covered an area of 8.5 hectares (Figure 1a), and this was substantially augmented this season, with an additional 58 grids (5.2 hectares), completing the northern field, as well as 40 grids in the southern field (3.6 hectares)

Although the main focus was the gradiometry, targeted resistance survey also took place, with nine 20m grids surveyed across the area of the barrow complex, and four grids focused on the junction between the two Iron Age enclosures in the southern field. Two Geoscan RM15 resistance meters with standard 0.5m twin probe arrays were used, with samples taken at 0.5 x 0.5m metres. Ground penetrating radar using a Noggin 500Mhz antenna was also trialed, with two areas surveyed: the area of the barrow complex, as well as the square anomaly in the far north of the northern field. Unfortunately adverse conditions meant that the GPR survey could not be completed, and it is hoped that additional work will take place in 2014.

In addition to the geophysical surveys, a programme of sediment coring was also initiated, and a short trial of an experiential methodology undertaken. Both were undertaken on a small scale, but have provided promising results and it is planned to further expand both in 2014.

The summary report can be downloaded here and report of the trial of an experiential methdology underaken in 2013 can be viewed here.


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