Main Project Personnel

Helen Goodchild, University of York

Dorothy Graves McEwan, University of Edinburgh

Kirsty Millican, University of Glasgow


2011 Season

  • Liam Herringshaw
  • Kirsty High
  • Gord Wallace

2012 Season

  • Liam Herringshaw
  • Connor Heaney

Discovering Dumfries and Galloway’s Past volunteers (co-ordinated by Giles Carey)

  • Faith Irving                     Ron Addison
  • Robert Irving                  Margaret Pool
  • Gillian Mellor                 Jenny Anderson
  • Nicky Young                   Hayley Graham
  • Judith Archer                 Johnstonebridge Primary School Pupils
  • Lavinia Vaughan            Dumfries High School Students

2013 Season

  • Liam Herringshaw             Giles Carey                     Robyn Inglis
  • Faith Irving                         Robert Irving                  Ron Addison
  • Nicky Young                        Christine Long               Alastair Murgatroyd
  • Sophia Black                        Sophie Boyadjieva        Natalia Rebollo
  • Yi Chung Pan

2014 Season

  • Liam Herringshaw             Christine Long           Ron Addison
  • Robyn Inglis                         Nicky Young

2015 Season

  • Julian Carty                         Christine Long          Morag Black
  • Eileen Kerhouan                 Robert Irving            Faith Irving

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