An update and an invitation

The Lochbrow Landscape Project will not be undertaking any fieldwork this year. However, one of the project team will be in the Lochbrow area in a couple of weeks’ time and would like to invite any former volunteer or interested person to an informal gathering and update on the project. This will take place on Saturday 9th September from 7pm in the King’s Arms Hotel, Lockerbie. Feel free to come if you have volunteered at Lochbrow in the past or are interested in the project. This will be very informal, but will be a chance to catch up with old friends and chat through the progress of the project.

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2 Responses to An update and an invitation

  1. Gregory Halliday says:

    Hi my ancestors lived and worked on Lochbrow farm from 1676 until at least the 1740s. We will be in visiting Scotland in October 2017 and would like to visit the location. Can you provide me with some kind of directions or coordinates?
    Thank you,
    Greg Halliday

    • Lynn Sterner says:

      Hi Gregory, responding to an old post from August 2017 so I do not know if you will see this. I am also descended from the Hallidays of Lochbrow and would like to make contact with you. Lynn (Halliday) Sterner.

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