Ready, steady ……

So that’s it. We’re almost ready for another season of survey at Lochbrow. A few of us arrive tomorrow to begin set-up, and then we begin in earnest on Sunday. What will 2015 bring? Will it reveal or clarify more of the buried archaeology at Lochbrow? Or give us more puzzles? Will we be washed away in the rain? Or will we just get a little damp? Who knows! What’s certain is that we’ll have a great week and the data we gather will add to the picture of Lochbrow that we’ve built up to date. We have a number of volunteers joining us at various points during the week, and it’ll be lovely to catch up with long-term volunteers and to meet a few newcomers to the Lochbrow Landscape Project. We are immensely grateful for all our volunteers and all the hard work they always put in for us.

Without wifi in our accommodation, updating of this blog will be delayed. But never fear! Blog posts will be written during the week, they’ll just be posted when we return to civilization. We’ll be tweeting during the week – just follow the hashtag #Lochbrow2015 to keep up-to-date.

Here’s to another good year at Lochbrow!

Blue skies

What will these fields reveal this year? Will the sky be as blue as this? How much rain will we have to endure? So many questions going into Lochbrow 2015!

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