Gee whizz, more Geofizz!

Each year, a number of volunteers join us at Lochbrow. We asked some of them to tell us why they decided to volunteer and something about their experiences at Lochbrow. In this blog post Faith and Bob explain ….


While racking our brains for something memorable to do for the year’s birthday celebrations,  it dawned on us that we would be totally enthused by standing in a muddy, rain-sodden field, water pouring down the inside of trouser legs into boots ankle-high in mud, while measuring electricity in the slush.

Then we saw the opportunity offered by the team (Helen, Dorothy and Kirsty) at the Lochbrow site which matched this expectation: Perfect!  So off we set and there began our annual pilgrimage south to the Lochbrow site for the Geofizz study.  Unfortunately, this iconoclastic weather-pattern never repeated itself; instead, we put up with the blue skies and sunshine of subsequent years as we laid out and paced the grid. We were rewarded with the excitement of seeing the oh so numerous data points we helped to collect being translated into an understanding of what was happening here thousands of years ago, giving some idea of what my distant relatives were getting up to then! I bet they weren’t doing Resistivity in the Rain.

Even the local cows were interested, galloping up from the Annan River to watch us bemusedly, no doubt thinking we were mad to be measuring the lush grass and not eating it!!

Roll on next September!!”  Faith and Bob

Survey in progress in the North field

Survey in progress in the North field

A new kind of audience for experiential archaeology!

What’s going on here? Some of those confused local cows!

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