Sound and vision – a Lochbrow playlist

Over the years we’ve kicked around ideas about a playlist for Lochbrow. I’ve tried to scribble down whenever someone mentioned a song, or whenever I’ve come across something that seemed appropriate. I’ve turned everything I could remember into a Spotify Playlist*, but if you don’t use Spotify, here are the links to YouTube. Enjoy! The list will expand….

Bring In The Archaeologists – Charles Jenkins and the Zhivagos

I don’t have the map – Idlewild

Satellite – Eddie Vedder

This Is Hardcore – Pulp

Are ‘Friends’ Electric? – Gary Numan

Radar Love – Golden Earring

Why Does It Always Rain On Me? – Travis

Are You Metal? – Helloween

Are You Experienced – The Jimi Hendrix Experience

The Size Of A Cow – The Wonder Stuff

Maps and Legends – R.E.M.

Satellite of Love – Lou Reed

Line and Length – Duckworth Lewis Method

Traffic in the sky – Jack Johnson

Have You Ever Seen The Rain – Creedence Clearwater Revival

Hole in my shoe – Traffic

I Am a Paleontologist* – They Might Be Giants (with Danny Weinkauf)

I Am A Cider Drinker – The Wurzels

I Predict A Riot – Kaiser Chiefs

Aerials – System Of A Down

Sound and Vision – David Bowie

Archaeology – Sweet Billy Pilgrim

* – where Spotify has the song available, that is. If there’s a * next to the title, it isn’t yet available on Spotify, as of the date of this post. For the TMBG song, that made me extra super sad, because it’s totally Liam’s song (thanks Hen for the heads up!).

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One Response to Sound and vision – a Lochbrow playlist

  1. Morag black says:

    Evening there, I was thinking that an addition to your playlist might be ‘If I could turn back time’ by Cher? Morag ( just heard today about your project).

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