Wednesday 24th September

We’ve had another couple of good days at Lochbrow. Our numbers were increased slightly with the addition of a couple of volunteers yesterday and today, though both Liam and Robyn left today (Wednesday). We continue to be amazed by the wonderful weather we’ve been enjoying – so far sunny and warm most days without a drop of rain- by far the best weather we’ve seen while doing fieldwork at Lochbrow! A number of instrument frustrations have meant that progress has been slower than we had hoped and we’ve had to alter our plans slightly. However we’ve continued to do targeted resistivity in the north field and today surveyed a couple of grids with the magnetometer, also in the north field. Yesterday we marked out the location of the cursus and timber circle with flags and then spent most of this morning undertaking experiential survey in and around these sites. This will hopefully add a different perspective to our understanding of the sites and their location within the landscape. Much more work is required, but we’ve made a good start. We’ve also continued flying our kite (with camera attached) as often as possible. Today we were also joined by Mike Middleton who some to test out a resistivity meter he made himself. It was great to see Mike’s ingenious device, and we plan to compare results once he’s had time to download and look at the results. All in all a largely successful couple of days!

Mike and his amazing machine

Mike and his amazing machine

More kite flying

More kite flying

Evening sunshine at Lochbrow

Evening sunshine at Lochbrow

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