Lots Of Lovely Filth, or The Sediments of Lochbrow

Core! Look at the size of that!

Core! Look at the size of that!

For the last however-many years I’ve been promising to write something about the geomorphology and Quaternary sedimentology of Lochbrow, and steadfastly failing to do so. It’s mainly because I’m a rocky Earth scientist, and don’t feel confident describing and interpreting glacial and post-glacial sediments.

Nonetheless, I’ve now done quite a lot of reconnaissance and data gathering. Robyn and I have brought the augers to site and cored a number of interesting localities. I cannot put off this blog post any longer.

The Lochbrow site is geomorphologically intriguing, with all sorts of elongate features: ridges and hollows, channels and hillocks. Most must be glacial or post-glacial, but underpinned by the bedrock geology.

In the north field is the palaeo-channel, a sinuous western depression that appears to run towards the Annan, but finishes with an uphill slope, at a point too high to drain into the modern river. It has to be a relict feature, although it must still affect modern drainage.

The south field has lots of lumps and bumps, but the main topographic feature is the low in the south-west corner, a marshy region described on the maps as Archwood Lake. We can’t help wondering if this is the loch that Lochbrow gets its name from.

Having done the augering with Robyn, we’ve certainly found sedimentary evidence of standing bodies of water, not just in the lake region, but also in the palaeo-channel. We just need to go and analyse the sediments under a microscope and try to figure out their exact environment (and perhaps age). And maybe then I’ll be able to finally write something properly here!

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