Day 7 update

Surprisingly it’s already day 7 of the 2013 season of the Lochbrow Landscape Project (the time seems to have flown past!). Our numbers were increased at the weekend with the arrival of a group of volunteers from the Universities of Aberdeen and Glasgow and since then work has been progressing well. We’ve also had help from a number of local volunteers and a visit from a photographer from the local paper. We continue to cover the ground with the magnetometry and have been undertaking targeted resistivity and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). We are now working in the south field, surveying the location and context of the Iron Age palisaded enclosures. Work also started today on the location of a cropmark round barrow in the same field and some adjacent features newly recognised (last night!) on the aerial photographs. The results need some more analysis, but there definitely are features showing up in the results that suggest additional archaeology that we hadn’t recognised before. So things are going well, despite a few soggy days weather-wise! We are excited that our efforts are adding to the known archaeology, as well as sending us back to analyse again the aerial photographs on which the archaeological features were first recognised.

Survey in progress in the North field

Survey in progress in the North field. Photo: L Herringshaw

Survey in progress in the south field

Survey in progress in the south field. Photo: L Herringshaw

Day 7 group photo.

The Lochbrow Landscape Project team on day 7.
From left to right. Back row: Sophia, Dorothy, Helen, Kirsty. Front row: Pan, Natalia, Sophie, Alastair. With ‘official photographer’ Liam behind the camera!



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