And we’re back!

Day four of the 2013 season of the Lochbrow Landscape Project and we are currently sheltering from the wind and rain in our cottage. Despite being rained off today, we’ve done plenty of work over the last few days. We’ve covered a lot of ground with magnetometry and are getting close to completing full coverage of the cursus field (wahay!). We’ve been working on targeted resistivity and excitingly it seems to be showing additional features that are not clearly visible on either the aerial photographs or the magnetometry. Robyn has begun doing some sediment coring for us, and initial results indicate that it will add a lot to our understanding of the site. We were visited by a journalist from the Annandale Herald on Friday, so if you are local to the area look out for us featuring in the local paper sometime next week. We’ve also had a lot of help from a number of volunteers, and look forward to welcoming more next week. So, despite the weather today it’s been a productive start to the 2013 season. And it’s just good to back at Lochbrow once again!

Blue skies

Blue skies at Lochbrow … just to show that the weather can be good! Photo: L Herringshaw

Robyn coring

Robyn coring. Photo: L Herringshaw

res in progress

Resistivity in progress. Photo: L Herringshaw

Team photo at the end of day 3 (it was a long day!).

Team photo at the end of day 3 (it was a long day!). From left to right: Dorothy, Helen, Kirsty, Robyn and Giles. Photo: L Herringshaw


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