Happy new year from all at the Lochbrow Landscape Project!

We may have set aside our surveying instruments and left Lochbrow for another year, but this doesn’t mean that we have been sitting back taking things easy (well maybe we have over Christmas and New Year, though I think we all deserve a little time off, and all that turkey eating really is hard work)!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHelen has been busy processing the large amounts of data that we have collected, a time consuming task as it involves working with both last year’s and this year’s data. Over the last two field seasons we have covered much of the cursus field with magnetometry, completed some targeted resistivity in the cursus field (thanks to our wonderful volunteers; we are so grateful for all the work you did!) and begun to survey the site of Iron Age palisaded enclosures in the field to the south of the cursus. We’ve covered a lot of ground, so there is a lot of data to work with. We are also beginning to analyse the results, picking apart responses reflecting buried archaeological features from those resulting from modern features and activity, and comparing our results with the cropmark data. It’s looking good and makes all the hard work in the wind and rain of Lochbrow worthwhile (for the record, we did get some sun both this year and last, and this year I (Kirsty) even got slightly sun burnt. Though that could be more to do with my pasty Scottish complexion rather than the strength of the September sun …). We have also begun to think about and prepare for next year’s field season, so watch this space for further news!

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