The Lochbrow Landscape Project is back on site

Kirsty here, signing on for the Lochbrow Landscape Project season. The 2012 season has begun and it’s good to be back! We arrived on site yesterday for a day of setting up and general reconnaissance.  As well as surveying the remainder of the cursus field, we also want to (time permitting) begin looking at the site of two palisaded enclosures in the field to the south of the cursus. Liam and I therefore spent some time doing some general reconnaissance in this field, looking at the topography and general lie of the land. We seem to have developed some interesting theories regarding the landscape and its development, which could cause us to re-think the setting of these sites. Whether they will stand up remains to be seen, though it was good to consider the wider landscape in more detail, so watch this space ….. As well as such general musings we also managed a few grids with the gradiometer in the south field.

So …. what are we doing here?

Today, we welcomed a group of hardy volunteers from the Discovering Dumfries and Galloway’s Past Project (DDGP). I say hardy, because the weather was not kind to us. The morning started grey and very windy, with occasional light rain and by lunchtime the rain was getting heavier. Wind and heavy rain do not make a good combination for comfortably doing geophysical survey, and certainly operating the gradiometer was challenging at times! Nevertheless, we managed to get a reasonable amount of work done. A few grids of gradiometry were completed in the south field, before we moved to the cursus field which is our main focus this year. Our wonderful DDGP volunteers started resistivity survey at the north end of the cursus field, and stayed out in the rain and wind; we’re very grateful to their persistence! The weather forced us to finish early and head back to our cottage to warm up and dry ourselves out. After a quick look at today’s results, we’re hopeful that we’re picking up some of the archaeology that is visible on the aerial photographs as well as some additional features. I’m especially excited by the fact that we may have picked up the post-pits of the timber circle to the south-west of the cursus. Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow so that we can confirm this and add to the results that we’ve already gathered.

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